Since 2002, we have been welcoming the families of hospitalized children for free.

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When children need to be hospitalized their usual routines are disrupted. Enjoying the presence of their parents means that children can continue a fundamental aspect of their normal lives.

Giglio Onlus Association has organized and actualized a program focused on hosting families of hospitalized children worldwide. Since 2002, we have provided 6 furnished apartments to more of 143 families of children suffering from serious illnesses at the Regina Margherita Children’s Hospital in Turin, Italy.

Studies have shown how ‘maternal deprivation’ and ‘separation anxiety’ expressed by hospitalized children are detrimental to a positive quick recovery. Giglio Onlus association has committed itself to keep families together, preventing parents from facing continuous long commutes. Therefore, families can use the apartments up to the time of their children’s discharge from the hospital entirely for free!

Our Results

In 15 years we have made available to those parents 6 apartments, and hosted 143 families.

We’ve played 102 Theatrical Events performed with a lot of passion by our volunteers and, we’ve organized 45 Cultural and Charity Events to collect the funds we use for the maintenance of the apartments and now for the construction of Giglio House.

50 are the Active Volunteers.

Our Goals

  • Build Giglio House, the furnished house complex capable to accommodate 11 families.
  • Promote a network of associations to support parents and children.
  • Raising kinship awareness through cultural activities.
  • To propose a new welfare model through the social enterprise.

Giglio House: the last challenge

Since 2002, Giglio Onlus has provided 6 furnished apartments to 143 families of children suffering from serious illnesses at the Hospital for Infant Regina Margherita of Turin, Italy. Families use Giglio’s houses up to the time of their children’s discharge from the hospital entirely for free! People waiting for help, however, were still too many. Our commitment had to be more incisive. So, we decided to put our enthusiasm into practice by the realization of a greatest project – Giglio House.

Giglio House is the solidarity condominium that will increase our ability to serve.

Our goal is to soothe, at least in part, the concerns of these parents who would otherwise have to spend hours apart from their sick children.

Our goals … in bricks!

Brick after brick, here is how solidarity grows towards the goal of Giglio House, the condominium that we are building to accommodate 11 families. Help us also buying a brick!

Giglio House, costs so far covered

Support Giglio Onlus

Our strength comes from the people who believed and supported us. They have always granted us both small and/or large contributions; the continuity of their economic support made Giglio’s goal possible.